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iMars 800T


Best among other chassis of excellent level and striving to pursue higher across obstacle and off-road capacity, Safari-880T can weight up to 100kg, equipped with Christie and Mathilda four-wheel balance suspension with heavy load and vibration reduction. It is installed 6 vibration absorbers on the whole body with unique design of reduce vibration and absorbing energy for terrain impact. The products can be widely used for robot movement solutions in complex environment.

Product Character:

The support area is very large, and percentage that 150mm crawler belt contacting ground reaches up to 75%. That's why it is suitable for complex environment for soft and muddy ground, excellent offer-road mobility with lower sinking degree and rolling obstacle resistance.

Small turning radius, could realise pivot steering.

The crawler grousers on the tracked belt are non-slip, excellent traction and adhesion capacity helps to exert greater traction pull.

The chassis is higher than 140mm with excellent climbing slope, stairs and across obstacle capacity. The robot body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is solid and durable with outstanding protective property. It is popular with our many customers.

Main function:

Mainly applied for detecting, exploration, rescue operation, camera etc function of Robot Chassis.

Function Development

Applied for patrol exploration、EOD explosive、Special camera and fire-fighting transportation etc. Special robot development.

Item Specification
Motor 48V brushless DC motor
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
suspension system Christie suspension+ Mathilda four wheel balance suspension
rate power 880W*2
rate torque 82NM
Operating Velocity 0~1.6m/s
Max obstacle-surmounting 200mm
Max angle of climbing 40 degree ( climbing stairs)
vibration reduction *6 shocker absorbers on right and left
remote distance plain 300M
endurance capacity 2h
remote function right rocker can control the movable chassis
dimension external dimension 1020*730*440mm
interior dimension 600*320*240mm
chassis height 125mm
tracked width 150mm
grounding length 740mm
weight self weight 120kg
loading weight 100kg
material wheel aluminuium
body stainless steel
tracked belt quality rubber emmbedded with Kevlar fiber
treatment surface spray plastic/ partial painting
battery type lithium battery
capacity 30AH
voltage 48V