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Robots are paving the way to an easier life. They're being built to enhance our everyday lifestyles. New technology and new ideas are creating this competitive industry.

GYROBOT PTY LTD is a leading supplier of tracked robot chassis in Australia. Founded in 2016, GYROBOT is committed to providing local customers with more powerful tracked robot chassis products. The company has a number of series of crawler robot chassis products, can be used for inspection and exploration, rescue EOD, special shooting, special transport and other special robot development. The company’s products has been applied in the fire control and security guard services, police field, inspection field by special photography and other special services by our qualified tracked robot chassis. Through a number of partners, we provide customized and turn-key solutions for the local customers’ special requirements. By in-depth cooperation with our partners, we can provide more cost-effective track chassis and innovative solutions and we provide more professional and thoughtful service, to do better products, but also to ensure the quality of the eternal after-sales service.